About the company

OÜ Estreftransservice is a logistics company, established in 1991 for the organization of freight transportation on different railways of Europe and Asia. Direct contracts are concluded with Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Byelorussian and Finnish railways. We offer tariff calculation for freight transportation; repairing, tracking and rental of wagons.




Eduard Koger chairman 372 7668080 erts@erts.ee
Irina Maasik financial manager 372 7668080 raamatupidaja@erts.ee
Edita Ivanova account manager 372 7668080 edita@erts.ee 
Rene Kuzmin marketing manager 372 7668088 rene@erts.ee
Ranno Kasuk sales manager 372 7668088 ranno@erts.ee


OÜ Estreftransservice
Tel: +372 76 68080
Faks: +372 76 68083

Jaama pst. 4, Valga 68204, Estonia